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Indonesian Shrimp Industry Production Development for New Farmers

More information about Indonesian shrimp industry is needed if you really want to understand more about their production. As we know, Indonesia has become one of the top countries in shrimp production as the shrimp industry in this country is already advanced. With the encouragement from global shrimp demand, the industry continues to grow itself to be better in order to fulfill the demand. It is not surprising anymore that the industry is able to developed itself to be better each year as the demand also continue to increase each year. That is why; many people outside the country are beginning to take some interest in the shrimp industry which takes place in Indonesia.

New farmers development inside Indonesian shrimp industry
The Indonesian shrimp industry is already started since the sixties era as it is the start of shrimp industry around the world. However, during that era, the shrimp industry in Indonesia is not really an industry as it is done in very simple way thus it is not really suitable to be called as industry. There is less technology that they can use during that era, and they also lacking information which makes the industry cannot grow better as fast as it should be. However, after decades of development and experience that they gain during the time, now you can see that the shrimp industry in Indonesia has become advanced. You can even compare their industry side by side with industry in the other country. Furthermore now they already able to produce many kinds of shrimp in the industry which show that the information they get is already wide.
The Indonesian shrimp industry is able to grow because of the farming in the country which is supported by many parties. Thus the industry gains a lot of support not only from the people inside the industry, but also from the government and the society. Especially since the industry is able to give a lot of contribution to the country’s economic gain. Thus the government and the society are supporting the industry so it can continue to get better which in time will also increase their contribution to the country itself. Furthermore, they also support the growth of the shrimp industry in Indonesia by encouraging new farmer to also take part inside this industry. By giving enough knowledge and support now new farmer are able to developed high quality product even though they are new inside the industry.
Important knowledge that new farmer have to know is about the pond preparation which needed when they want to take part inside the Indonesian shrimp industry. Now even a new farmer already know that they need to prepare the pond at least one year ahead of production time in order to create high quality product. They already know that a new pond cannot be use to grow the shrimp for at least one year time period. During that time period the food supply which is needed by the shrimp is still developing, thus there would not be enough food supply inside the pond if they even insist to grow the shrimp inside.
That is why, during that time period they will grow the shrimp temporarily inside different storage. It is actually very easy for them to find different storage to be use as temporary growing storage for the shrimp as the shrimp actually can grow in various environments. Furthermore Indonesian shrimp industry is also done using different storage as the environments such as water tank, aquarium or even a swimming pool. However, as it seems that the shrimp grows better inside pond environment, then this environment is still preferred by many people inside the industry.
Other knowledge that new farmer need to know in order to create high quality product is about the water supply given for the pond itself. The water supply can be taken from many kinds of resources such as river, reservoir and even stream. However, that water should have the required condition which needed by the shrimp to grow better. Thus with the support of new and more advanced technology, now they are able to test the water to know if the condition match with the requirement. By doing that entire preparation, even new farmer inside the Indonesian shrimp industry is as good as old farmer.

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