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Red Snapper Bait

Red snapper is good for fishing sport and many people try to catch this warm water fish with the right red snapper bait. You can deny that catching red snapper is a popular sport and this fish can be found mostly in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean as well as entire North Island and South Island during summer season.
Red snapper is various in terms of weight and sizes with the average size of the snapper are around 1 to 2 kilograms. However, really big red snapper can even reach 15 kilograms and they are also can offer an impressive fight. The snapper can eat many kinds of animals and plants including:
-          Crustaceans (shrimps, crabs, crayfish, and barnacles)
-          Molluscs (octopi, squish, and shellfish)
-          Invertebrates (starfish, worms, and sea urchins)
-          Fish
Basically, red snapper will eat anything that you throw to them as long as it is fresh and thus it quite easy to look for the best red snapper bait when you want to sport fishing by catching this incredible red skin fish. If you target for big snapper then the bigger the bait will be better.
Natural red snapper bait
When it comes to catch the red snapper then it is better to use natural bait instead of artificial bait for red snapper. Well, they can be taken with fake or artificial bait, but the natural bait is more recommended and the most preferred method to catch the snapper.
Red snapper is predatory fish and so the only thing will limit what they want to eat is the size of the bait and of course the size of their mouth. It is mean that when you want to catch for certain small fish with some size of fish bait then you can use larger bait for the next clash of fish size.
If you ask for best bait for red snapper fishing then there are several baits you can take such as:
1.      Pinfish
This small fish is not only great to catch grouper fish but also good for red snapper fishing. In addition, the pinfish is one of the easiest fish to find at a bait shop in live condition and with affordable price as well. Of course you can also catch for pinfish on your own using nets or traps. The pinfish is the best bait to catch red snapper because of the grunting noise they make when you hook them thus they will attract the snapper easily.
2.      Cigar minnows
It also known as Round scad or snapper candy and it is one of the best bait to catch red snapper with perfect size around 4 to 5 inches long. The snapper cannot resist this fish especially when you use alive cigar minnows, although they can be used as dead bait as well. You can find live cigar minnows or they can be purchase in frozen condition at anytime each year.
3.      Mullet
You can use mullet as red snapper fish bait either the white mullet or the stripped one. They are easily spotted year round at the coast or bays. The large mullet are tend to migrate depend on the seasons; however the smaller one can be caught in the brackish back water. You can easily cast netted them because the shallow water they will be in.
4.      Herring
Herrings can reach 4 to 5 inch which can be used as live natural or dead natural bait to catch red snapper. They have shiny skin and thus make them as a perfect bait to attract the snapper. You can find live herring at the coastal bait shop depend on the season or you can catch them on your own by using Sabiki rig with small tip of shrimp attached. You can use thread fin herring or scaled sardine as the baits.
5.      Squid
Small squid is not only smelly enough to attach red snapper, but they are also the natural red snapper diet and that’s why it is easy to catch snapper using this natural squid. They will gulp them down when they spot the little squid. However, squid is very difficult to find live, but you can use the frozen one which you can buy from bait or tackle shop.
In fact, there are so many types of red snapper bait either natural or artificial. Dozens of bait can be used to fish for red snapper. In conclusion, any smelly fish with shiny appearance with size around 4 to 6 inches are really recommended. They will work so well to catch the snapper. You can use sardines to fresh mackerel to the blue runner, and many more.
Tips to catch the red snapper fish
Okay so catching red snapper is not always about the best bait you will use, you also need some tricks to be able to successfully get the snapper. Here are some of the tips to catch red snapper fish which you can follow:
1.      Find good red snapper bait, we already list several natural red snapper baits for you to select. Remember that live baits are always the best than artificial bait.
2.      You need to know that once the red snapper find a good spot, they rarely will move around. That’s why, when you spot some red snapper on one spot, you may want to go back there next day because chances are the fish has not moved on.
3.      You may want to catch the red snapper during spring or summer time when they are abundant. More importantly, the sea during those seasons is usually a lot of calmer than other seasons.
4.      You may want to try for vertical jig because surprisingly enough some of the lures can work so well to catch red snapper. One of them is the jig metal lures which looks like injured shiny fish. It also good to be used when you want to catch big red snapper since the fish is biting so well.
5.      If you fishing in some deep reef at Atlantic Ocean then you better to use heavy tackle. It is because you might need some weight to keep the bait stay in spot.
Those are some red snapper bait information including how to catch the snapper using 5 guides which you can follow.

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