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Is Red Snapper good for you?

Is red snapper good for you? All of the fish considered to be healthy full of omega-3 which is good for your body health. But, is red snapper also great fish to eat for your body? Red Snapper (Lutjanus campechanus) is a type of fish that live in warm water which can be found in southern Atlantic Coast and Gulf of Mexico. The red snapper is a healthy fish that provide a lot of benefits when you consume it as a part of your diet. You can make special dishes or meals with red snapper meat either broiling it with herbs or pan seared it with wine sauce and tomato or simply make a nice fish soup. You try it!

Is red snapper good for you? This is the health benefits that you can take!
Red snapper has a lot of nutrition to offer and it is mean you are okay to consume it as a part of your diet. You can add red snapper to your diet to get selenium, magnesium, and other minerals which important for overall body function.
It is not only provides good nutrient, but red snapper also low in calories but rich in lean protein. Red snapper contain omega-3 fatty acids, a good fat to protect your cardiovascular system and improve brain function. It also prevents heart diseases as well as other serious medical conditions. More details about red snapper health benefits are:
1.      It can help you to control and lose some weight
Since red snapper is high in lean protein then it can help you to control and lose some weight. The meat is low in calories; about 3-ounce serving of snapper has 109 calories only and it offers 22 grams of protein. So, it is mean that the fish can provide 44 percent of daily protein value based on the 2,000 calories diet.
If you eat high protein foods then it can control your hunger since protein is a nutrient that digested slowly by your body. You can eat red snapper meat to help control your diet because it can reduce your hunger and make you feeling full for longer time after you consume it, better than eating foods without low protein content. Meanwhile, the nutrition in red snapper also helps to decrease the risk of diabetes type 2, heart disease, and osteoarthritis.
2.      It can help to reduce cardiovascular or heart disease risk
Eating red snapper can provide you good and healthy omega-3 fatty acids. This nutrition helps to lower the risk of high blood pressure and heart diseases. Moreover, about 3-ounce of red snapper contains 232 milligrams of docosahexaenoic acid and 41 mg of eicosapentaenoic acid and these omega-3 fats will surely give you more health benefits for your body. It is very recommended by ‘Dietary Guidelines for Americans’ that you eat no less than 250 mg of DHA and EPA each week.
3.      Forming healthy red blood cells for your body
Red snapper contains high amount of vitamin B12 about 3 micrograms for each 3-ounce of red snapper meat. Vitamin B12 is really important to help producing healthy red blood cells. If your body lack of vitamin B12 then it may lead to improper red blood cells production or anemia. And if your body suffers from vitamin B-2 deficiency then it can lead to permanent neurologic damage. This condition can make your feet and hands feel numb or tingling. This is why a healthy adult need to gain vitamin B12 around 2.4 micrograms each day.
Why you need to eat red snapper?
Here are some reasons of why you need to eat red snapper and why it is a good fish based on the health benefits above:
-          It contains low calories
-          It provides high lean protein content
-          It offers essential omega-3 fats for your heart and brain
-          It contains vitamins and minerals important for your body function
-          It can be added to your diet to contribute balanced diet
Not to mention that red snapper is a really delicious fish with nice texture. Eat red snapper in moderate amount to get those health benefits for your body.
Is red snapper good for you when the fish contains mercury?
This is always become the problem when you eat some seafood or fish. Red snapper, just like any other type of fish contain mercury. This mercury if over consumed can lead to bad health condition and it can affect cognition. Pregnant women and children specially need to avoid foods contain high mercury level because they are more sensitive with the effect of mercury.
How about red snapper? Is red snapper good for you when it contains mercury? Yes, red snapper contains mercury due to the contamination in the ocean or the sea. However, as long as you limit your consumption of red snapper, there is nothing wrong eating this fish. Just like salmon and tuna, you also need to limit eating red snapper due to the mercury. Eating small amount of red snapper will not give you much effect from the mercury.
Another note that you need to pay attention is the way you serve the red snapper. The way you prepare the fish will affects or even may reduce the nutritional value and health benefits of the red snapper. Red snapper will contain more carbohydrates, fats, and calories if you pan fried it. If you want healthier red snapper fish then you can serve it by broil the fish rather than pan fry it.
Is red snapper good for you? Well, we believe that after you reading this information, you can understand that red snapper is indeed good seafood to be consumed. Red snapper contains minerals, vitamin, protein, and low in calories. A red snapper offers vitamins such as vitamin D and E as well as minerals like magnesium and selenium. So for the conclusion, red snapper is a great fish to eat and it is even recommended to eat red snapper when you want other seafood variation or alternative for both tuna and salmon. You can try many seafood recipes with red snapper as the main ingredient.

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