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Frozen Grouper Nutrition

Frozen grouper nutrition is really beneficial for your body particularly when you are on weight lose diet. Grouper fish is packed with very high protein content along with minerals and vitamins. It also low in calories with not carbohydrate. This is why the fish is best to be added on your diet. Grouper fish has a mild and unique flavor as well; they can be cooked in so many ways according to your like. Not to mention, grouper fish is one of the most favorite seafood served by so many chefs.

Frozen grouper nutrition facts
Frozen grouper nutrition facts are contained with vitamins, minerals, and protein. However, the grouper fish is only have small amount of omega-3 fatty acids unlike other fish such as salmon, herring, and mackerel. But, this is fish still a good choice to have once in awhile when you want to taste a unique flavor of seafood.
Grouper fish available in numerous types, sizes, colors, and genera. They are a part of sea bass family (Serranidae) which can be found in warm tropical water. Red grouper is one of the most favorite grouper type preferred by chefs since its texture is not as firm as other types of grouper fish. Red grouper is also can be found largely and easily in the market compared with other types of grouper that harvested in small amount.
Grouper mostly sold as fillets in the market, although you can also find grouper fish in a whole either fresh or frozen. Before buying frozen grouper, read this information regarding frozen grouper nutrition list facts below:
1.      Protein
Just like we already mentioned before, grouper fish contain high amount of protein. Protein is essential to build body tissue and repair damaged body parts. Moreover, protein is needed when you want to lose some weight. Fish is an excellent source of protein and thus you can eat them. In a 3-ounce cooked grouper fish offers 16.5 g of protein which serve more than 25 percent of daily recommended intake of protein about 50 g each day. Meanwhile, a frozen grouper nutrition fillet packed with more protein which is about 50 g and it is mean they are already fill your 100 percent of your protein body requirements.
2.      Minerals and vitamins
Just like any other fish, grouper is also an excellent source of minerals and vitamins as well as small amount of another mineral which is sodium. Here are some of the minerals and vitamins offered by grouper fish: One serving of a grouper fish fillet serves about 25 percent of required vitamin D for your body. It also contains 15 percent of iron and 20 percent of magnesium. Moreover, it contains 8 percent of zinc and vitamin A. However, it only has minimum amounts of vitamin B-complex.
3.      Calories
Understand about grouper fish calories is a must since you can determine whether this fish is good as a part of your regular diet meal. Fortunately, grouper fish is low in calories. Most of the fish is naturally have small amount of calories and a serving of 3-ounce of frozen raw grouper fish contain 100 calories only which is considered to be low. This is just 5 percent of daily calorie intake out of 2,000-calorie diet recommended value. When the fish is cooked, they are contains more calories: a cooked grouper fillet can contain 240 calories.
4.      Fats and carbohydrates
Grouper does not supply carbohydrates, however it does contain small amount of fat and it is mostly unsaturated fat. Furthermore, although grouper contain little amount of omega-3 fatty acids, but it does not as much as omega-3 fats that you can found in salmon, herring, and mackerel.
Due to these facts about frozen grouper nutrition, many people on weight lose diet, once in awhile added the fish to their diet. The protein can help to control hunger while the minerals and vitamins serve to improve body health.
How to buy frozen grouper fish in the market
Frozen grouper fish is available in a whole, fillet, and steak. There are some conditions to be checked when you are looking for frozen grouper fish in high quality state. It is better to buy grouper fish with this amount to serve one recipe:
-          3/4 to 1 pound per serving if you want to purchase a drawn or whole grouper fish
-          1/2 pound per serving if you want to purchase a cleaned and dressed grouper fish
-          1/4 to 1/3 pound per serving if you want to purchase a grouper fish in steaks or fillets
Always take a note to store the frozen grouper fish in the freezer after you bring them home. To determine whether the grouper fish is in good condition, be aware of this criteria:
1.      The fish should have bright appearance
2.      A nice smell with pleasant and mild aroma similar to ocean
3.      The gills appear deep red or pink
4.      No discoloration
5.      Eyes appear vivid and not dull or dehydrates
6.      The flesh is firm and not easy to flake when you touch or press it.
7.      If the frozen fish is packaged, make sure to check the condition of the packaging: no torn or other damages.

Frozen red grouper can be cooked in so many ways, best for grilling and pan frying. There are lean fish and the general rule of thumbs when you want to pan fry it is that never over cook it. When the fish is look opaque already and the meat is easy to flake with fork then it is mean the fish is already done.
If you buy a while frozen grouper, do not forget to remove the head and the tail first before cook it. You may need to remove the bones and skinned them as well. Do not forget to remove the gills by slit the fish from the anus to the gills. After that cleaned out the guts and bloodline which runs along the backbones of the fish.
For the most important point when you want to cook frozen fish is that you need to thaw it before cooking. You can use cold water to thaw it quickly then the grouper fish is ready to be cooked. Hope this information regarding frozen grouper nutrition help you understand better about this amazing fish.

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