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Red Snapper Calories

Red snapper calories in one serving size about 4-ounce is around 113 calories. This is calories in a raw and fresh snapper. If you cook it by pan frying with oil and other seasonings, then you might add higher calories in the food. This is why it is recommended that you broil the fish instead of cook it with additional frying oil to avoid adding more calories.
Red snapper is a warm water fish and although it has about 113 calories, people still considered it to be low calorie fish. Two most popular snapper species are red and yellowtail snapper. These snapper can be found easily in seafood restaurant. They have mildly sweet taste with firm texture. Adding snapper fish as a part of your diet is good especially it has low calorie and packed with full of nutrition. Let’s find out about the nutritional facts of red snapper in particular below.

Red snapper calories and nutritional facts
If you serve snapper fish with amount of 218 grams serving size then it contains about 218 red snapper calories with 26 calories from fat and 3 grams of total fat. This is why snapper is also often considered to be a low fat fish. Furthermore, snapper fish is rich in essential nutrition for the body such as protein, minerals like potassium and selenium, as well as packed with a lot of vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and vitamin E.
In addition, red snapper is excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. This is a good fat contained with DHA and EPA. Omega-3 has benefit to prevent cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. It is also very recommended that an adult to eat fish full of omega-3 fats because it helps your overall body function and health. Children also need DHA for their brain development although they need to limit the consumption due to the mercury content inside the fish.
The downside of eating red snapper is the mercury content. If your body over consume mercury it can lead to ugly effects for your body health. This is why, pregnant women and children need to eat less red snapper than the recommended amount or better, avoid eating it. Pregnant women and children are more sensitive to the mercury effect than healthy adult in normal condition.
Here is some of the nutritional fact list contained in the raw red snapper with 218 grams serving size:
·         Calories = 218 grams
·         Calories from fat = 26 grams
·         Total fat = 3 grams (1 g saturated fat and trans fat)
·         Cholesterol = 81 milligrams
·         Sodium = 139 milligrams
·         Protein = 45 grams
·         Vitamin A = 4%
·         Vitamin C = 6%
·         Calcium = 7%
·         Iron = 2%
According to the nutritional fact above, red snapper calories is in low of amount. Meanwhile, the fish is also low in saturated fat, but unfortunately snapper has high cholesterol so you may need to prepare and serve the fish without additional seasonings that might add the cholesterol.
However, due to the red snapper benefits of omega-3 and protein, it is really suggested that you once in awhile consumed snapper as part of your weight lose diet. Snapper which full of protein can help to control your hunger by keeping your stomach feeling full for a longer time. Protein is slow digested nutrition and that’s why eating seafood rich in protein can help to control your craving for food. We are not going to talk about the benefit of omega-3 since we already explained it before. In conclusion, both omega-3 and protein are perfect and essential nutrients for your body.
Red snapper preparing and cooking method
After you understand about red snapper calories and nutritional fact, it is the time you need to know how to buy, prepare, and cook them. Preparing red snapper is an easy job, but first, you need to purchase an excellent red snapper fish in the market. If you do not want to do complicated preparation, then you can simply buy already fillet red snapper in the market. They are often sold as fillet which already cleaned thus what you need to do is cooking it with some seasonings to add more flavors.
However, red snapper is also sold as a fresh or frozen whole fish. If you like to buy a whole red snapper fish then you need to make sure certain criteria to get high quality fresh or frozen red snapper fish such as:\
-          Look for red snapper with bright red/ pink skin.
-          Check the eyes; it should appear big, vivid, and bright not dull eyes. Do not purchase the fish if their eyes appear dehydrated or dull. This also goes to the frozen snapper.
-          Check the texture, it should be firm. And as for the frozen fish, it should not have freeze burn.
-          Pay attention to the smell of the fish. They will have fishy smell since they are fish, however it should not smell off-putting. The fish need to have pleasant, salty, and fishy smell just like the ocean.
Those criteria can be used to determine whether the red snapper you want to purchase is in good condition or not.
Preparing and cooking red snapper
Red snapper need to be cleaned before you cook it. You should remove their head, tail, and skinned the fist first. After that, clean or remove the bones. Make a fillet on your own if you have the skill. If not, then you can just simply cook the red snapper in a whole.
There are many methods to cook red snapper. The best thing to avoid higher red snapper calories is by cooking it with broiling method. Although pan fry the fish might be tastier, it is up to your choice. When you cook the fish with oil and heat, do not overcook it. 3 minutes on each side is enough to cook the red snapper. Another cooking method to serve red snapper is by baking, grilling, and steaming the fish. Those are also recommended methods to serve the fish with some additional simple seasonings. Never mind adding more sea salt since red snapper has already higher in sodium. You do not want to over eating sodium, do you?

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